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So here it all is.  It doesn't seem like a lot of people want to post here yet, so tell me what you think and suggest to make it interesting.  I don't want this forum if nobody's interested, so air your opinions


Being a lover of shiny gadgetry, useful tools, and developing technologies, I like the idea of this.

I'm seeing so far its about hashing over of the ramifications of new developments. 
I'll also use it to fill the space between asking tech experts and asking anonymous given half a chance.  (No pulled punches here, but higher incidence of serious advice, and no one trying to sell anything.)

Your creation, so feel free to drop a mission statement of what you think fits / doesn't fit.

Anything you think uses engineering or science to impact society is to be posted here and compared to relevant phenomena/events.  This is for the purpose of better understanding where technology will lead our BIPs, BE's, and other perceptual grid metaphors.

things that currently interest me.


the lightweight plastic zepplin france are making as an 80 passenger hotel.

the solar furnace you posted.

Mesozoic Mister Nigel:
I like the air car.


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