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Terrorists = Americans

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Yep. Big telecommunications companies have Dems in their pockets.

Ah... the death rattle of American FreedomĀ©

tyrannosaurus vex:
I don't care enough to even feign surprise anymore.

For you fans of Where's Waldo, try to find the spineless wimp Senator who's afraid to voice an opinion.  Here's a hint, she's about to get slaughtered in three primaries tonight.

you think maybe she didn't vote because she's busy rattling the saber for the primaries?

What does this mean, anyway?

--- Quote ---Statement of Purpose:    To strike the provisions providing immunity from civil liability to electronic communication service providers for certain assistance provided to the Government.
--- End quote ---

it was rejected. That's good, right?

Yeah. I just called her office and I was informed by a ginger-voiced woman that the Senator does not have an official position on the issue yet.

Oh? Maybe they should have mentioned that she tops the telecommunication companies donor list at $329,230?


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