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I finally threw some text up for GASMGASM. Feel free to edit.

Triple Zero:
ok good, i made a page to promote the GASMGASM:

 :lulz:  :lulz: :lulz: :lulz: :lulz:

Would recruiting in general fall under this heading?

Because I think, despite how busy some of us are, we should plan a forum invasion somewhere and do our thang.  Infiltrate, get the locals on side, get run out of town, get distracted by trolling for 3 months, retain many of the members who sympathize with us.

After months of trolling, I love how polished of a game plan this is.

Yeah I'm down.  We need numbers, because many of us are very very busy and won't have time for really deep dicking trolling.

And on an related note we really should send an advance party over to That is a hopping chaos-oriented community that we should network with. It has a strong center in Portland, OR. Telarus is already there, and I went to high school with Chaoflux, one of "important dudes" in that commutiny.


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