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Started by Triple Zero, March 24, 2008, 12:24:51 AM

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Triple Zero


I just checked and it seems that Soundcloud has managed to unbork itself. So ... CLICKYSHINYLINKY!

Quote from: Triple Zero on August 19, 2013, 07:53:45 PMSo I have a Soundcloud stream. Check it:

In particular check my latest tune:

the new tune is based on the fact that you can have a kitten walk across your keyboard and as long as all notes are in the blues scale, it will SOUND AWESOME

the blues scale is ridiculous.

6 notes, any order, instant cool. music has never been so easy.

(as I said, I've been trying to learn about music theory. it's interesting. but it's also stupid (staff notation!! :argh!:). but if it helps me make more cool musical shit, in the styles of musical shit that needs to be made more of, so be it!) (these musical styles are in particular a couple of very specific chemical beats styles, and I'm nowhere near that yet, because currently I'm learning about notes and chords and scales and keys, while I should be learning about drums and breakbeats and tension, very much tension. but I'll get there)
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