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Anna Mae Bollocks:

--- Quote from: ArchangelIdiotis on April 02, 2022, 07:33:29 am ---on joining the right wing and the libertarians, I read something interesting today. In the Starseed Signals by Robert Anton Wilson, published posthumously from his writings in the 70s, RAW is constantly calling himself a libertarian. closer to the time of his death, as I recall, he said something like he doesn't hate the poor enough to be a libertarian, and that they are republicans who smoke dope.

--- End quote ---

RAW saw that too? Cool.
I remember reading at the Political Compass site that they differentiate between the Libertarian party and libertarianism itself. I score heavily libertarian there, but it's because I don't give much of a shit what people do if they aren't hurting anybody. Consensual "crimes" and whatnot. You can't give me that stupid party.
Maybe that's why RAW was calling himself that.

This is a somewhat frightening thread to read with the benefit of hindsight.


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