Author Topic: She apparently likes me.  (Read 26632 times)


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Re: She apparently likes me.
« Reply #120 on: August 22, 2008, 12:38:35 am »
This is what dog people do not understand about cat people. If I were to go into a forum filled with non-cat-lovers and make a post about how Yggi dragged me back from the bring of sleep last night by jumping on my face and making crazy noises-- or how he slashed open another new bag of kitty litter all over my bed-- or how I had to take down most of the decorations in my apartment when he proved there was no high point he wasn't ingenious enough to reach-- they'd tell me to stop complaining. ""Wait-- so you WENT OUT AND GOT A CAT, and you are now complaining about a few messes and shredded sofas? Welcome to MISSING THE POINT, a place just south of WAAAAH." (In such a hypothetical instance, such a hypothetical response might be accused of MISSING THE POINT.)

Hey, if you sleep with bags of kitty litter, you deserve what you get.
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