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Yay, moar Italian fascism! Now with added British approval!

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--- Quote ---It was the week's most shocking picture: gipsy girls dead on a beach ignored by sunbathers... Now there is more chilling evidence of how Italy's brutal crackdown on the Roma has sick echoes of the country's fascist past.

She looks like any teenager the world over. Wearing a denim skirt, pink designer T-shirt, and with long hair tied back from her face, Samantha is a child who would make any parent proud.

Yet just a few days ago, this bubbly 14-year-old found herself taking part in an excercise that would seem unthinkable in a modern, civilised European country.

She was ordered to line up at the local community hall near her home in Naples, Italy, and dab her right forefinger in black ink before placing it on a government census form.

Samantha was photographed and given an identity code - F43 - as officials asked for her full name, address, age, religion and where she was born.

Most controversially of all, she was told to state her ethnic background.

Every detail, including the fact that her parents are immigrant Roma gipsies from Serbia, was catalogued and put on a national computer system.

She was mortified. Her eyes bright with anger, Samantha said she felt like a villain in the only country she has ever known.

'That same day, the Italian kids started calling me "gyppo" in the streets.

They pointed at me and laughed. I felt like shouting back and saying: 'I am Italian just like you. I was born here too.

'But I didn't dare, in case I started a riot.'

Samantha was taking part in a compulsory new census of Italy's 160,000 Roma people, promised by the inflammatory Right-wing premier Silvio Berlusconi in the run-up to his successful election this spring.

Anyone with a sense of the past would be forgiven for a strong feeling of foreboding about what is happening.

Thousands of migrants, many of them Roma gipsies from the old communist bloc and racially troubled Balkans, have poured into the country since the dismantling of border controls across a greatly expanded European Union in 2004.

The huge diaspora was political good fortune for 73-year-old Berlusconi.

In a country where fascism under dictator Benito Mussolini thrived until the end of World War II, Berlusconi warned of a 'Roma emergency' in big cities and produced a dossier of dubious figures alleging foreigners were involved in half of Italy's attempted murders, muggings and robberies.

The interior minister went further. Roberto Maroni, a leader of the anti-immigrant Northern League aligned with Berlusconi's nationalist Forza Italia party, claimed the controversial census and fingerprinting was essential to discover 'who is entitled to be here and who is not'.

It would stop anonymous armies of Roma children being sent out begging or stealing by their families, 60 per cent of whom have no identity papers or passports, he claimed.

Gipsy people with the right to stay would be re-housed in 'decent conditions rather than with rats'. The remainder, Maroni made clear, could expect deportation.
--- End quote ---

The article goes on, but you should read some of the comments on the story.  Or maybe not, since they are quite disgusting.

Examples include:

They are only doing what the UK should have done years ago. All illegal immigrants should be registered.

- swisschris, New Malden , UK., 26/7/2008 7:34

Bit extreme. But over here imagine what we would be saying about their human rights? How come they can do it there, but in Britain we are hamstrung by that law?

In many ways we should be doing something similar. Keeping control and track of immigrants. Never mind, they will probably all come over here now and we will give them houses and benefits, and they can still carry on stealing for pocket money and no one will have a clue as to who they are and where they are except when they claim their money.

- Chris Puddy, Hay on Wye, United Kingdom, 26/7/2008 9:15

What total exaggeration. The Italian people are deeply worried about the impossibility of
integrating the Roma into society; Roma are a people determined to stay outside society's mainstream. In doing so they engage in much criminal activity. Assuredly if had tried to integrate they would have been left alone.
The Italians have a non xenophobic attitude to foreigners but they are being driven to desperate measures to try and get a grip.
Once again the EU, by allowing unrestricted free flows of peoples, have caused problems where none existed.
To bring up fascism as an agent of these moves is deeply insulting to the Italian people.
Roma should integrate or get out.

- JD, London, 26/7/2008 9:16

Good for Italy, they are one of the very few countries that have the guts to do anything about these vermin. Until you have experienced what these thieves are like, you cannot comment on any hardship or sympathy that they may deem to want.

- Mike Jones, Farnborough, Hampshire, 26/7/2008 9:30

I blame the EU for being too lenient about immigration matters in the first place. Eventually this is bound to lead to this sort of attitude.

- Nathalie, Manchester, UK, 26/7/2008 10:12

'Bout bloody time! Let's get it started over here as well.

- Ghengis, Little Snoring, 26/7/2008 10:21

I'm, in no way, condoning what Italy is doing, but these people are parasites. They need to get educated and employment and assimilate into civilized society. It's year 2008 for God's sake.

- Olga, Los Angeles, USA, 26/7/2008 10:23

What do people expect in this era of Liberal madness, the mixture of cultures simply does not work, time is proving it, it is nothing to do with racism, these people should be judged on their behaviour and how they destroy previously good countries step by step.

- Common Sense, London, England, 26/7/2008 10:27

A country wanting to clear out illegal immigrants? How dreadful, the UK should be doing this.

- Nige B, Pudsey, 26/7/2008 10:30

If they want to be treated as "equals", maybe they should choose to live in dwellings with plumbing, not camps and they should send their children to school, not to steal on the street.

- Gabrielle, London, UK, 26/7/2008 10:30

The Italians have had enough! Most of the crime, sometimes with extreme violence, is by illegal immigrants mostly Roma. Next stop UK!

- martyn robinson, northampton uk, 26/7/2008 10:34

I wish we had a government that was half as tough on immigration.

- The Tory, Oxford, UK, 26/7/2008 10:43

We need this kind of government here too. Why don't people stop tippy toeing around these issues for fear of upsetting a tiny few? what about the feeling of the majority?

- Billy h, Hull, 26/7/2008 10:53

Cainad (dec.):
 :x Dammit. This is going to get worse before it gets better, isn't it?

2010, the Tories come to power in the UK (unless something amazing happens).  On the back of their "broken society" meme, which has been picked up on, transmitted and amplified by the right wing press.  Prime Minister Cameron, using the tax-raises mentioned recently, pledges to build several new prisons, create longer sentences and keeps his promise to unify the British border and customs officials into a Border Security unit.  The even more empowered right wing press, seeing the success in getting PM Cameron to lock up kids who are carrying knives because the media is telling them everyone else and they want to protect themselves, then turns on immigrants as the criminal Other, the enemy within.

God dammit.

Time to leave the country, Cain?

As a Canadian who doesn't want to "integrate into mainstream society" will I, or you, or pretty much anyone with the wrong passport, wrong accent or wrong colour of skin be found dead in some public place, with the good people of Britain ignoring our festering corpses?

The laughs this century provides will kill me yet...

Kurt Christ:
Thanks for reminding me why I hate humans. I need that every now and then. How long will it be before I can just move to the moon and forget about this dump?


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