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Started by Cain, August 24, 2008, 07:57:03 PM

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I should have highspeed right now, but for some strange reason the company (don't know what company it is) is taking it's precious time, but we are on "The List." I plan on making some phone calls to these people...  :evilmad:

Anyway, I'm going to download the "21H.001 How to Stage a Revolution Fall 2007" and see what I think of it. It will take an hour or two, but it should be worth it. Then I can put it on my laptop of awesomeness and read it during my free time at school.... finally, I'll be learning something.
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That's as fucking smart as I get people.


Free course material from MIT = Win.


Hello forum.
There is also a substantial amount of UC Berkeley's course catalog available on the internet.
It can be found here:
This is a course that I believe many Discordian minded individuals will enjoy. Psych 119: Drugs and Behavior
QuotePsych 119: Drugs and the Brain - Fall 2006. A survey course exploring the basic principles of psychopharmacology. The major focus of the course is on the relationship between behavior and the physiological actions of drugs. Emphasis will be placed on effects of pharmacological agents on complex mental processes such as attention, motivation, learning, and memory.

Hope that you enjoy.

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Thankyou thankyou thankyou!  :fap: I need to invest in some spare time.

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buddhist psychology... this will be fun. PC now groaning under weight of the bookmarks...

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Quote from: Dr Goofy on October 13, 2008, 06:58:57 AM
When my free time kicks back in ... wait after this link I will never have free time again!

Same here.  Man, I need to check this subforum more often.
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I am WAAAAAYYYY too happy now.
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It's not all of their work, but there's a massive push for that end :cheers:

If only they'd release their archives of declassified documents. They buy them in bulk and give their students access to a huge searchable database.
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ooo legos might make a good flyer
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I was wondering where to spend all this free time I have.
Be back in a few years once I have acquired all human knowledge.


have to agree w/ exit city hustle, but have it book marked,

be grateful for free (kind of) parents.

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If you guys want to watch instead of read, I recommend the Psych lectures with Paul Bloom.
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