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The hammer comes down

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And the Shock Doctrine marches on.

More on this later, but this plan is a shit sandwich which you, the consumer, are going to ENJOY, regardless of how much it costs you or increases Treasury power.

the last yatto:
i wonder how this factors in with bush's memo about being able to impound property from those who harm the nations foreign policy, add in not being able to vote if your in a foreclosed home. THis could get ugly

Sir Squid Diddimus:
What're yall talkin bout. Thuh funduhmintuls of arr economy arr STROUNG!
       ole white dude tolme so
~sniff, scratch, guzzle~

Iason Ouabache:
When I hear a politician say "We need to pass this law as soon as possible" I reach for my gun.

This whole thing reeks of fish all the way across the Atlantic. It did so a couple of days ago, it does so now: and in a few months when the "details" are finally out it will become obvious who got rich(er) from this. :kingmeh:


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