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--- Quote from: nostalgicBadger on October 25, 2008, 10:51:46 pm ---Or you could pull a Hunter S. Thompson and type out the Great Gatsby over and over again.

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Or you could, oh, I don't know, actually learn the mechanics of writing (as an artist learns the mechanics of painting) and write something original.

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Which I'm sure you learn from reading "On Writing" by Steven King lol

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You seem much more hung up on that book than anyone else here.  You're funny.

Needz moar semicolonz.

Yes, must remember to use lots of semicolons in my NaNoWriMo story; to give it that professional feeling.

You guys are ridiculous.


I didn't say there was anything wrong with reading people's advice about how to write - bear in mind that I am a writing grad student. I was simply adding that actively studying the work of writers you admire can help you become aware of technique and how it is used in practice, and it goes a lot farther in helping to develop rhythm (which, by the way, is why Hunter liked to type Fitzgerald books over and over. To listen to the rhythm. )

I wonder if How to Make Friends and Influence People had too few semicolons for nB?


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