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Evidence of a Global SuperOrganism?

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"a malformed packet could also be an emergent signal""

interesting food for thought

Bebek Sincap Ratatosk:

I think there are some valid points, but the "emergent properties = malformed packets" seems like a bit of a strecth to me. The number of malformed packets on the Internet is huge, to think that anyone would be able to identify all of the various hacks, OSI stack bugs etc seems kinda silly. I would have expected that, at least, 5% of the malformed packets would be unidentifiable. Programmers are constantly writing new apps and sending packets over the wire, OS bugs are myrriad and not all docuemtned... and combinations of software stacks can create unidentified bugs as well.

So, I give the guy full marks on everything but that bit. I think he stretched credulty a bit with that claim ;-)

Otherwise, its a great essay. I've played around a lot with cluster, grid and cloud computing and I think that if we're gonna see emergent properties with the net, it will probably come from these giant processing systems. Amazon's system could be particularly interesting since it can bring up new nodes immediately on command (virtual hosts), unlike the older cluster style where individual systems had to be manually connected. This provides potential for a constantly expanding and contracting system based on its immediate needs. From the work I've done with it... its damned inspiring.

I thought this was going to be a thread about Gaia Hypothesis, but I guess this is fine too.  :D

If there's going to be an emergent superorganism, I think Discordians should call dibs on it.

Let's put it in our pantheon right now, so when it is recognized, we'll look like we've been "worshipping" it all along.

Can we call it George?


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