Author Topic: The unfinished story of Him.  (Read 2442 times)

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The unfinished story of Him.
« on: November 10, 2008, 09:27:25 am »
He was walking down the street, barely paying attention to his surroundings. His mind was full, he felt like He was going to explode. He blankly tromped down the pedestrian cross, a turning car screaming curses and flipping Him the finger, barely missing the zombie-like figure. He did not care, He continued on. The evening sun burned His eyes, leaving a dull ache, causing Him to blink. Eyes dry, rapidly fluttering them to dispel the ache, He clumsily slammed into a figure in an all black robe, knocking them both silly and flat on their asses.
A man in a black robe? What does that mean? Why is he wearing that? It's silly, he thought. Still with a blank look on His face, He recovered faster than the man in the black robe, and helped him up. He noticed the man's hood had fallen from his face, revealing a tattoo of a yin-yang, but different. Instead of black and white, it was red and gold, and the dots had been replaced by others, what looked like an apple and a pentagon. He pondered the symbol for a moment as to what it could mean, before uttering "I'm sorry man, I didn't see you." The man in the black robe looked straight into His eyes, completely expressionless and not a whisper of a word escaped his lips. The man replaced his hood, reached in the torso of the garment and pulled out a slip of paper. He handed it to now slightly nervous man who carelessly ran into him, and continued his way down the street. He stuffed the note in His pocket, also carrying on His way, finally reaching home. He opened His door, walked into the kitchen, grabbed a beer and plopped down on the couch to watch the next latest drama series on E!. His aching eyes soon closed, His arms went limp, spilling beer on the couch. The TV continued it's programmed schedule, He could see flashes of light on his eyelids, and before He even noticed it, He had drifted off.

His dreams were vivid, almost frightening. That man he hit, who was he? Why was he there right at that time? Why didn't he see me? What was that symbol? What does it mean? Why? Why? Why...
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