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A Duel With My Lady
« on: December 04, 2008, 07:52:57 pm »
This was based on a real event... the first official SCA fencing tournament that Sjaantze s.k.a. Lady Lucrezia ever participated in. Also the first "Masque of Courtly Love" event that we went to together. I recalled this old poem due to the thread Telarus started on Zenarchy swordsmen.

Your favor on my wrist
and your beauty in my heart.
I prepare to face my foe,
as  the tournament doth start.

I practice my DiGrassi,
Morazzo with a flair.
I check through all my parries
and test my voids with care.

"A slope, good sir. Do not retreat,
when the thrust is on its way."
I practice wards both high and low,
prepared to face the fight that day.

I look at all the gentle lords
standing next to me.
Marco, Rameriz or Wolfgang,
I wonder who first will be.

I think about the last I played
'gainst Luthor in the list.
And try to focus on that
one parry that I missed.

I touch your favor once again,
assured of victory.
But then alas, the first bout today
Is announced: You vs. Me!

I step in the list,
pay honors where their due.
I hate to see you with an early loss,
but now it's Me vs. You!

Everyone thinks its cute
when we bow and bow again,
for while we both inspire,
only one of us can win.

I hear lay on and see your form,
lithe and lovely, and so small.
But I've got your reach by 11 inches,
it's not my fault that I'm tall.

I prepare to take you out
with a quick thrust to the head
But, suddenly I feel your tip
and I'm saying "Err, Good! Dead!"

- Lewes ap Deykin to his Lady Lucrezia A.S. XXXVII
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Re: A Duel With My Lady
« Reply #1 on: December 04, 2008, 07:55:45 pm »
that's cute  :D