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Coming economic collapse/social disorder/peak whatever websites.

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To keep you all updated.

Clusterfuck Nation by Jim Kunstler -
John Robb's  Global Guerrillas - and his personal blog
Kevin Carson's Mutualist blog - some good ides on the resilient community
Ogliopoly Watch - analysis on the market bloodletting
Thomas PM Barnett -
Ubiwar - Tim Steven on conflict
Jeff Vail - Law, Energy, Geopolitics and Organizational Theory
Coming Anarchy - World affairs and politics
Robert Paterson - Some Canadian guy
Global Dashboard - - Notes from the future

I think I've heard of Global Dashboard on NPR a couple of times--or Slate magazine (Slate is featured on NPR, so I mix them up a lot).

I was reading this earlier -

It focusses on the UK especially. My knowledge of politics and economics aren't my strong point though, so I don't know whether to recommend it.

Not many places concentrate on the UK anyway, so I'm going to check it out now.  Thanks.

Edit: I note he has the Adam Smith Institute and Taxpayer's Alliance on his recommended links.  Does not bode well, the ASI called Bush a "hero of the free market", much to the amusement of my libertarian and anarchist friends, and the Taxpayer's Alliance are a bunch of moaning whiners who, as far as I can tell, make their money from rent-a-quote stories badmouthing the government (not that this is a bad thing, it just renders their judgement, and in theory his, a little untrustworthy).

Just finished this book.  Also Peter Schiff is all over YouTube now saying the dollar will be destroyed.


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