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If you've made art which you feel comfortable being reappropriated by Discordians, post it here.

When we're putting together booklets, pamphlets, documents, websites, any sort of media, there's always a struggle to find good images. And I know that there are a ton of artists out there who'd love to see their work in use, especially if it's for some awesome creative project. So if you're not too territorial about your art, post it here!

Please note whether your work is protected under copyright, kopyleft, creative commons, whatever... Nobody wants to step on your "intellectual property", so editors should be made known that they're allowed to crop, chop, swap, or slop all over your art. Or not.

anything made by the Wrath Of MS Paint cabal is Kopyleft:

(note that the stuff in the "bin" folder is not original work)

I'm not very good with the visuals but here's what I have to offer. 

Fredfredly ⊂(◉‿◉)つ:
i dont have art useful for discordians :\



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