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The Good Reverend Roger:
Edit:  Definitive list follows.    Test      Hobo Love     Epic Movements     Cram's response (my answer to follow Friday)        Chef Suu Diesel's response.  Revenant exposes my incompetence       Response to Cram's questions     Scientology and YOU.      Response to Richter     How bad is it? (Playing with the editor)       Stimulus bill.  Fuckers.      Response to Thurna.  WARNING:  Contains brain damage.     BAI's response.  This cannot go unanswered.     Podcast#7:  A New Trick       Podcast#8:  The Network      Podcast#9:  TGRR Loses His Temper.     Podcast#10:  More Network Shit.        Podcast#11:  A family that hates together, stays together.  Features TGRRD.       Podcast #12:  We so this shit for science!  A special one for Nigel.

approve my reply you old fart!

The Good Reverend Roger:

--- Quote from: Cramulus on December 24, 2008, 04:42:49 am ---approve my reply you old fart!

--- End quote ---

Reply to what?

Cainad (dec.):
 :lulz: :mittens: I chuckle-poomped.

Episode 1: Hobo Love


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