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"The basic structure of the pFARM performance is tri-subcultural"

Started by Bebek Sincap Ratatosk, January 14, 2009, 08:46:26 PM

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Bebek Sincap Ratatosk

A: Organic Farming Subculture

B: Sado-Masochistic Subculture

C: Biotech Company Subculture

Place: Woodstock, New York, USA

Our hired hands, also codified as 'domestic animals', are often faux-kidnapped from the reservoir of New York City's excess of submissive professionals. We have joined The Society of Janus. We invite the potent forces of of any and all professional or lifestyle Dominas to help rule our pFARM. We sponsor fetish monomania themed weekends and advertise in some of New York City's skuzziest smut rags (e.g., Screw Magazine). The submissives are forced to till the earth, aid in mulching compost and care for the plants and animals. They are kept in pens or sleep with the chickens. They are philosophically retrained to access their inner 'becoming animal' abilities.


:lulz: :lulz: :lulz: :lulz: :lulz:
- I don't see race. I just see cars going around in a circle.

"Back in my day, crazy meant something. Now everyone is crazy" - Charlie Manson


If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water. --Loren Eisley, The Immense Journey

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Grand Visser of the Six Legged Class
Chanticleer of the Holometabola Clade Church, Diptera Parish


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this is fucking nuts. I goddamn love this decade and the Strange Times.   :lulz:

Quote"It is the orgasmic way of life, the uncovering of our hedonistic juvenilia that implicates the puritanical binary opposites of green (money) and grey (utility) in the world of red (blood), white (milk and sperm) and black (shit/soil.)"

QuoteActual Paganism, philosophically, implicates many of the roots of both traditional farming (Dionysian) and high-tech farming (Alchemical). By emphasizing the Goddess/Dominatrix ruling over the original Beasts of Burden — Men — we may signal a return to the erotic origins of domesticity. With the first furrow, the Rites of Spring will untarnish the underground fetish scene in the name of complexity and honest admission of power relations, where and how they are actually applied."
Anti-Apollo Styled Psychodrama will infect determinism as we call on chaos to be the self-organizing impetus for our performance. Highly spontaneous and improvised rituals will emanate, morphogenetically, to spurn the status quo and open avenues of escape. Closeted angel-faced ascetic romanticism will be spurned in cultish blebbing of rigorous and ritualistic a-truism. We will be forced to live! Viva Vivo!

Quote"There are potentially valued genes — for FET (fetishism), MMA (monomania) and SUBm (submission) — to be sequenced and injected into embryos of erotomaniacal baby designers. The embryological work in the lab area may actually produce some novel plants and animals, worth more as art objects, controversial living beings or strange gastronomical delicacies, than any of the aforementioned schemes."

Bebek Sincap Ratatosk


To create a new and exotic caviar/sushi delicacy through the application of flavoured microinjections into food grade fish eggs.

Methods: The Tobiko, Wasabi and Cream Cheese were puchased from a grocery store. Under a sterile hood, autoclaved solutions of Cream Cheese and Wasabi were filtered into seperate pre-autoclaved bottles with a Gelman 0.2 micrometer sterile acrodisk water filter. These sterile solutions were then pipeted into microinjection needles. The tobiko were lined up and microinjected.

:lulz: :lulz: :lulz: :lulz: :lulz:
- I don't see race. I just see cars going around in a circle.

"Back in my day, crazy meant something. Now everyone is crazy" - Charlie Manson