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I nominate George W Bush for Discordian Sainthood.

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The Commander:

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Not all disorder is Holy, only creative disorder.

Get that through your thick skulls numb nuts.

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17 years later, it's nice to look back on this and remember what happened to Tao immediately after this thread.


EDIT:  Thread is no longer 23 pages long.  Not sorry.

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I remember Tao. Lost touch many moons ago. What, exactly, happened to him?

The Commander

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He went to Germany to be with EvT.  She put up with him for about 20 minutes, and tossed him out on his ass.

Then he wrote some very sad poetry (not the tone, the quality), and vanished without a trace.

EvT has been back once, about 10 years ago, but nobody has seen Tao ever since.

Just had news about Verthaine, though.  He's doing well.

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Hahaha...that cracks me up a bit. I met EVT while I was in Germany and spent a fair amount of time with her and Lord...Caramac I think...aka elfboi...aka Nils. I also lived with Tao for a bit in Pittsburgh,  and was in a band with him when we both lived in Dallas. I never quite understood him and EVT being together and am not surprised she booted him out. When he left Pittsburgh for Germany we were not on good terms. I lost track of both of them after that. Did she get a divorce from the Spanish guy she was with?

Last I heard Tao was in Canada somewhere and EVT was doing alternative fashion somewhere still in Germany. While things might have been strained with Tao, I still think fondly of EVT and the German crew. Was hoping to reconnect. I live in the UK now so it is easier to get over for a visit.

The Commander


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--- Quote from: Doktor Howl on September 21, 2021, 03:32:28 am ---Just had news about Verthaine, though.  He's doing well.

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wait --- for real???

I've tried to look him up a few times, but since nobody'd heard from him since Katrina, most of us assumed the worst... he's still kickin' though?? that's incredibly good to hear.

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He is The Wizard Joseph's landlord.

Small world.

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OK, fine. Now I believe in miracles.

Seriously, that's incredible, really warms my heart.


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