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Rococo Modem Basilisk:
A journalist is stranded by car problems and a storm at a run-down bed and breakfast run by a young woman and, she claims, her older handicapped husband. They met when she was his nurse after a surgery. It slowly becomes clear that he was not always physically handicapped: he pressured her into marriage after recovering from the surgery, and then was physically abusive, until she finally cut out his tongue and cut off all his limbs.

Rococo Modem Basilisk:
A true crime author and an aging shock-rock star are promised the same murder house. They end up as room-mates, and hijinks ensue.

Rococo Modem Basilisk:
A man listens to a recording of a lecture by a thinker he has only vaguely heard of before, and is surprised, by the end of the lecture, to hear his own voice: unmistakably, he himself is asking dumb questions of the lecturer on this recording, making a fool of himself, wasting the lecturer's time. He calls his friends over for confirmation. They say, at the beginning, that yeah, it sort of sounds like him, could be him or someone who has a similar voice, but by the end they all believe he has arranged this as an elaborate prank: this was obviously him on the recording! This was very disturbing to him, and to them. Did he have repressed memories? Is there, somewhere, an exact duplicate of him, in all his mannerisms? This particular lecture was recorded, and after a great deal of work, he tracked down the only recording -- a 35mm print in a private university collection. He drove across the country to see it, thinking all the time about how the person on the phone had an eerily familiar voice -- it sounded just like his! After much wrangling and some bribery, he got some poor intern to set up the projector and show the film to him, and indeed, there he is, unmistakably, in the audience. However, wasn't this too long ago? In fact, this lecture occurred before he was born. Just as he realized that, the film began to change. His doppelganger on the film turned to the camera and began addressing him directly: a stream of lazy, crass insults.

Rococo Modem Basilisk:
An aspiring architect, while on a road trip, gets lost and ends up cutting through a field, where he is taken by the beauty of a particular piece of land, immediately imagining the ideal house to place there. Even though he can't really afford it, he purchases the land as soon as he can, and draws and files blueprints. There's some kind of strange paperwork problem, as the zoning office claims that he double-filed the same blueprints with different dates, but he works it out and hires some contractors to start actually building, but construction has to halt almost immediately because the foundation he had drawn up, mysteriously, was already laid. Furthermore, there is a corpse in it. Upon investigation, it turns out that dozens of aspiring architects have passed through this plot of land, bought it, filed identical blueprints for something they want to build on it, and then run out of money while trying to construct it and died or disappeared.

Rococo Modem Basilisk:
Our protagonist has a whirlwind romance with a ghost during a near-death experience, and struggles with the urge to attempt suicide repeatedly in order to recapture that connection.


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