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Rococo Modem Basilisk:
A teenager in a society built around rationing bumps into a forbidden book and discovers that his whole society is actually in a fallout shelter. The other forbidden artifact (which people avoid touching because they don't know what it does, and instead leave votive offerings for) is the button to open the doors. It was safe to leave after 75 years, and there was about 100 years worth of rations, but the first generation (the original set of adults) was almost completely killed off in riots over ration allocation, with the result that the now-current third generation (after 120 years) is running out of rations and has no idea that they are underground, that there is an 'outside', or that it's completely safe out there. This kid ends up being the only survivor of another run of fatal ration riots, and opens the doors to find the outside world overgrown with easily-harvested edible plants and already full of small communities of survivors from other shelters. The damaged sign outside his shelter says "Chesterton Municipal Shelter".

Rococo Modem Basilisk:
Funded by an eccentric billionaire after years of laboring over small grants, a group of research psychologists are finally able to do an extremely large-scale dream survey: at least one person in every town in britain, and more according to population density, filing any remembered dreams for five years. When analysing data, they begin to see patterns that are both geographic and semantic: patterns of wavy lines of closely-related hyper-specific terms radiating out of particular points. As they are studying this, their own thoughts and behaviors become more dream-like. At the end, they find another, smaller radiating node (though growing in power); its geographic center is their own research facility, but none of them are sure whether or not this pattern is a hallucination.

A dying man finds a succubus who just wants a friend ):


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