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A small private members only water skiing lake in Colorado which is located near a closed nuclear test site is inundated with a long buried and forgotten gene altering substance that turns a group of water skiers into a super race who realize that saving the world is useless and instead turn 95% of the planet into the ideal water skiing haven.


--- Quote from: Cramulus on May 11, 2009, 09:40:54 pm ---Computer Animated sperm undertake a magical journey on their way to personhood. This is a suspense drama because although all the sperm are on the same team, they're also in competition. Oh, and the sperm's personalities are modeled after the Ninja Turtles.

--- End quote ---

I think you could actually successfully market that to sex ed teachers around the country

An old redneck stands boots deep in a pond fishing, contemplating his son who has become some big city faggot. A fish bites and he engages in a protracted battle filled with throbbing homoerotic metaphors and undertones. Finally he catches the fish and looks over and sees an alien on the other side of the pond, watching him.

Fade out.

He is a paranoid schizophrenic with expertise in Middle Eastern archeology and the Sumerian language.  She is his world-weary psychotherapist, bored of a life of treating the minor neuroses of trust-fund brats.  Together, they fight interdimensional crime!

Aliens go back in time and show a young Adolf Hitler how the world would be even worse if he didn't do the terrible things he's done, making him feel a moral obligation to fulfill his destiny. It turns out the aliens are playing a very sick practical joke on humanity.


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