Author Topic: King Fear (some industrial noise rock metal grind glitch music)  (Read 2936 times)


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Re: King Fear (some industrial noise rock metal grind glitch music)
« Reply #15 on: September 15, 2010, 11:11:14 am »
Good to hear that some of you like it.  :)

Just to promote, we have new stuff coming out this year. Well if not, then at least at the very beginning of the next year.

One EP, six to eight tracks full of, ummm, breakbeat, death-metal and synth-industrial doom-metal. (?)
The music is done already, but it does not have vocals. Blame me, I don't even know what I have been doing the past months.

One album too, the main project at the moment and it will be great.  
This time some of us can actually play instruments (not me). :p
I also think that I may be better at that screaming and singing business, partly because I just stopped smoking. Or I could be worse if I have to puke tar all the time.
The music itself will be some kind of hybrid once again, combining Industrial-metal, psychedelic-rock and glitch-fuckery.


Forget the whole thing. I left the band. Thank Eris for that.

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