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Re: 4cast4
« Reply #75 on: April 17, 2012, 01:50:55 pm »
this way poncho :fnord:

getting ready to dominate the world stage ? ?/? any, YPF, in 199 ?/?

Argentina/Spain $\ 5:50:50
^read up^

There R those 0pposed to the events of the Future
ion the other hand AM not 1 of them

Whatever takes place, is fine by me, eveN if it is 2Me
My guess is May May be interesting QUAKE wise
the Radio Therapy trial is underway for P.cancer on BBC

LOOKING AT THE $ v war'S is of interest to me
i will look at it as the tail wags the dog
Meaning in general the emergance of Argentina
as the inpulse that brings South America ?/Brazil

into a common / Silver:Copper Economic Standard
and retracts the area from the - influences of IMf & Wbo
these economic strains on those Nations Whom  R
Potentually Propaganda Participants May well be in
for a sir PRIZE, if My guess does not Miss the Mark
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