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Due to semi-popular demand, we are unveiling a politics board, on a trial basis (though if it works out, expect it to be permament).  This will be for the discussion of current affairs, the doings of the powers that be, war, terrorism, international finance, foreign policy, political philosophy, why Dick Cheney is in fact Darth Vader and other enjoyable past times.

If you want to rant though, I would still suggest you post it to Or Kill Me, especially if you've put some work into it.

Sir Squid Diddimus:
This sounds like a good idea.

to me.

I like it.  Politics, unless I'm in the mood for it, gets my blood pressure up.  Not having to scroll past actually relevant life things to get to Apple Talk's usual brain cooling inanity will improve my life.

Alright, a current events board!
Now I can actually find the news discussions.

I initially liked the idea but now I just thought this might just make one more sub-sub-forum to check.
For example I regularly check OMF but hardly ever check out the propaganda depository or GASM command


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