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This be the place for movies, podcasts and things of that ilk

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Also due to semi-popular demand, this board has been created.  If you are creating Youtube videos frequently (ie; more than once) or making shows for Radio Free Discordia, feel free to create a thread here and throw in the links to your latest work.

I'll be moving in previous threads dealing with such topics in a bit.

Edit: After some very brief consultation, it was decided this forum should be merged with the propaganda forum.  Therefore, this forum is now a place to link to anything promoting Discordianism, or similar that you have produced.

Suggestion for subforum name: Videocracy

Slightly modified, to make it clear we welcome the RFD spags.  You like?

So, if I have it straight, this is a place for music/video projects specific to Discordianism,, BIP, etc.,  Correct? 

Well, they don't have to be specific to Discordianism, but yes.

In fact, it may be better that they were, and general projects were kept in Bring and Brag.  But its something we can all discuss.  I'm tired, so I can easily be swayed any way.


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