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This be the place for movies, podcasts and things of that ilk

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I, personally, don't care one way or the other.  I just don't want to put stuff in the wrong spots.  Of course, I've been very unproductive, musically, lately so it's probably a moot question. 

the last yatto:
should there be a collection of various podcasts we find
or just ones we ourselves do.


We could have a suggested podcast thread, I think that sounds like a good idea.  The main thinking behind this was to showcase efforts by people here at doing such things, but I think there is a place for media you like as well, especially if you think it might help spur more people on to content creation.

the last yatto:
i mean should we just have one thread and treat it almost like what are you listening/watching
or categories like say news/business, tv/videogames, educational


Radio Discordia was a podcast i ran for 6 months and stopped the day my son was born.

It is filled with rare and unusual music and spoken word, mix tapes and rare counter-cultural radio shows.

A must have permanent archive of downloadable mp3 files for any happy mutant looking for a fix of novelty.

Full backed up on the Internet Archive.


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