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MISOGYNY STICKERS (a.k.a. the 'Fictionpuss is wrong' thread)

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Bebek Sincap Ratatosk:

Well, this is a stirring debate.

Cainad (dec.):

--- Quote from: fictionpuss on August 11, 2009, 06:07:02 pm ---You're a moron.

--- End quote ---


Come on, it's no fun when both of us do it. You're not even trying anymore.

Mesozoic Mister Nigel:

--- Quote from: Cainad on August 11, 2009, 05:59:36 pm ---

This is a pdf sheet of address label-sized stickers (Avery 8660). Half of them say "Most men secretly hate women, and most women secretly think they deserve it" and the other half say "Most women secretly hate men, and most men secretly think they deserve it."

Print these out, and put them up all over the goddamn place. Then report back with stories of how being exposed to this idea has caused men to devolve into women-haters.

--- End quote ---

Look out Portland, here I come with my dangerous memes!  :lulz:

I have observed and interesting phenomena:

Of all the people who have been exposed to the meme, "most men hate women, and most women think they deserve it," nearly every single one have ended up hating fictionpuss.

11/12ths of fictionpuss deserve it


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