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Discordian Cult I mean Commune

Started by Cramulus, August 19, 2009, 07:09:30 PM

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I was talking with everybody, and we seem like we're on the same page.

So by combining our funds, we'll all buy a plot of land somewhere. (perhaps Oregon) Then we'll all move there and begin our Discordian Commune.

We each need to bring something to the table to bring in income. Then we can live bourgeois lives like big pimpin Discordians.


All I can offer is my dislike of other Discordians.


I guess a number of us could spend our time putting together books and stuff. Then we could try to sell them.

I'm positive someone would begin growing drugs, that would def. bring in some cash.

We could offer space in the commune as a mystic retreat of some sort, then dose our guests with acid and make them think they've joined an alien illuminati cult.

Cainad (dec.)

We all teach each other everything we know about the following:


We can hire ourselves out as a team of handyspags as well as being able to do all of this work for ourselves, thus saving the commune money.


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Cainad (dec.)

Also I would rather move rocks around than spend buttloads of time studying whatever theological hogwash they're all about. But that might just be me.

Captain Utopia

Question - if we want to attract dim-witted celebrities, brimming with $$$, how do we out-sex Scientology?


Quote from: Cramulus on August 19, 2009, 07:17:45 PM
Quote from: Cainad on August 19, 2009, 07:15:06 PM


Can't make money if it's fixed already.

I can help with the drug-growing. I have quite the green thumb. I am also handy with crapentry and landscaping. Money, on the other hand...

P.S. Point out the obvious spelling error for fun and prophet! It makes you seem smarter, and you get to boost your ego!
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Requia ☣

Cause what we really want is the feds on our asses.
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I bet we could throw really sick parties, ala the acid tests.

we'd have to play up the sex cult thing for the media attention


I'm down.  Here's my skillset (aside from the wit, writing, and BS, which we all got):

Roofing / weatherproofing
Metalwork  (How NOT to kill yourself with power tools and fire.)
Simple Carpentry ( general hammer - swinging)
Leatherwork (Tanning, sewing, tooling)
Basic engine maintenance (gas and diesel)
Sewing (In the passable manly tradition)
Electronics (very basic)
Land / Sea navigation (triangulation / dead reaconing)
Cooking, food preservation
Rigging / hoisting / erecting
Medium sized truck (anything smaller than an 18 -wheeler)
Boat operation (if it floats I can sail it)
Jurry rigging, improvisation, half assing, and duct tape.
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I have almost no practical skills.
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Sounds good. I have no skills except in information reception and delivery.
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