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44 Guests?!

Started by Jenne, September 05, 2009, 05:58:58 AM

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44 guests?


Last time I had 44 guests...shit, I don't REMEMBER having 44 guests.    :lulz:

PD is srs fun on a Fri night.

LURKERS!  HEAR YE!  Come out and POST!

(ya lily-livered pussies)

Sir Squid Diddimus

they're pussies jenne.



Who's here to eat them at THIS time o' night?


HAR:  scared away nine.

Nine pussies scared away...ah-ah-ah./the count

Sir Squid Diddimus

Eater of Clowns

Quote from: Pippa Twiddleton on December 22, 2012, 01:06:36 AM
EoC, you are the bane of my existence.

Quote from: The Good Reverend Roger on March 07, 2014, 01:18:23 AM
EoC doesn't make creepy.

EoC makes creepy worse.

the afflicted persons get hold of and consume carrots even in socially quite unacceptable situations.


Oh no, I better post for fear of being labeled a lurker, and carrying the eternal shame
It's not trolling, it's just satire.


Quote from: Rumwolf on September 05, 2009, 07:09:00 AM
Oh no, I better post for fear of being labeled a lurker, and carrying the eternal shame

It's too late, you're already on "The List".
"If I owned Goodwill, no charity worker would feel safe.  I would sit in my office behind a massive pile of cocaine, racking my pistol's slide every time the cleaning lady came near.  Auditors, I'd just shoot."

Iason Ouabache

Luuuurrrkkkerrrs!  Come out to plaaaaayyyy!!!!
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Dear Sir,

This letter may come to you as a surprise but I really prayed to God to
help me choose somebody that will be my true partner.

My name is James Nandu Savimbi.I am the first son of Mr. Jonas Savinbi,
the leader of the UNITA movement in Angola. May be you know that my
father was killed recently in Angola by the Angolan Government soldiers
and he has since been buried.

Two weeks before he died (May be he knows he will die), he called me and
showed me a box containing US$20 million and some Diamond value about
US$15 million. He sent the box to a security company in Europe for safe
keeping with a false name.

He give me the certificate of deposit and the code number. With that I
can collect the box anytime I want. Now that my father is dead and I
need the money to take care of the family left behind of about two wives
and six children.

I am now hiding as the government of Angola is desperately looking for
me to assasinate and also the former commander of my father wants to get
me at all cost.Also, I have to be very careful of my movement hence my
search for you to help me to get the box and keep it until I can escape
and meet you and you will also help me to invest the money in your
country or where it is good.

I will give provide you with all the power(necessary documents) to
collect the box on my behalf when you tell me in your reply that you
will help me and I can trust and count on you. I don't trust anybody in
Angola and with the certificate and the code which I will give you,
there should/will be no problem in collecting the box.

You don't have to worry,as this is 100% risk free to you as only me, my
dead father and the security company in Europe knows about this box.

But I want you to keep this secret as there are some enemies of my
father scattered all over the whole World who are friends to the
government of Angola. The name of the country where the box is in Europe
and how much I will give you for help shall be revealed upon your
response to my mail.


I await your quick answer and sorry for poor english if there is any.

Thank you.

James Nandu Savimbi.