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When The Finals are due

Started by Doktor Howl, February 16, 2024, 03:21:01 PM

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Doktor Howl

So, The Finals are due.  The Coming Weird Times arrived.  The party has begun.

And nobody was ready.  Everyone freaked the hell out, because suddenly, it wasn't funny anymore.

We had a fat smelly orange thing in the white house.

The boat got stuck.

We had a plague.

We had an insurrection.

There are outright Nazis in the house, defending an unprovoked war in Europe.

We have nation-state piracy in the Red Sea.

This is an ugly time to be alive.  But here you are, and here it is.  And now you want someone to tell you what to do, how to be saved.  SAVED?  That was NEVER part of the bargain.  Nobody is coming to save you, and nobody every promised or even suggested that they would.  And what kind of agent of chaos hides in the basement the moment things get FUNNY?

There was never any promise, implicit or explicit, that you would die in bed of old age, surrounded by loved ones.  Remember that.  Act like it is a fact carved in stone.

Now get out there and be part of the problem.

Or kill me.

Molon Lube

Doktor Howl

The interesting thing is that we are feeling the effects of a recession, but there's nothing wrong with the economy.  At least nothing that's new...We of course still have billionaires being liquidity traps.

What is happening instead is a societal failure.  It is 45 years of bad decision-making catching up with us.  That's why there's no easy fix.  The entire system is rotten, from our banks to our culture.  In the USA, this started with the Carter/Reagan election. Carter said there was hard work ahead, but also prosperity.  Reagan said he'd give us all a tax break right now.  Guess who won?

Reagan also made bigotry acceptable again, with his ridiculous shit about "Welfare Queens" that even he had to later admit was a product of his imagination.  In addition, he taught America to distrust experts, and to hate the government.  We just didn't see it happening, at the time.

We see all that now, in widescreen, and we wonder how a once space-faring nation decided that vaccines aren't a thing, and that a nation with more guns than people is somehow not going to allow guns to fall into the wrong hands on the regular.

Of course, the presidents that followed - all of them - reinforced these very things, or at least some of them.

More to follow

Molon Lube