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Evening Cain,

Can I get a drop of prophecy for the future? I'm guessing early election, but how early and why? Probably not by next summer, but by say September after everyones holidays are fucked again through a shitshow 40c summer.

I'm giving 3/1 on riots by April ish, small scale but widespread.

Doktor Howl:

--- Quote from: Cain on October 28, 2022, 04:55:48 am ---He's pissed off the half of the party that still have holiday homes in reality. Sunak, who is one of those, noticeably banished him to the back benches, because the man's not only malevonent he's useless, even by current Tory party standards. Putting him in power would be even worse than Truss.

Plus, remember, this was an MP stitch-up this time around, and not the party membership. The party membership are insane, which is why they wanted Truss. The MPs actually have to worry about re-election, which is why they rallied around the more moderate and competent candidate, relatively speaking, while everyone else stood down. The candidate they can actually potentially not get wiped out in a future election with, unlike Truss or Rees-Mogg. Sunak did have glowing profiles written about him for his Covid budget measures, after all.

--- End quote ---

From what I've seen so far, he's not a complete shitshow.

Can't recall who said it but the just was "instead of getting trussterfucked we are just sunknackered".

Given the list of things on strike it may be underestimating things.

Hmm. The way I see it, unless there's an igniting crisis, Sunak will just glide along until election day.

That said, there are so many looming crises that you can almost take your pick. At this point I consider public sector strikes escalating into wildcat strikes and the government trying to bring in emergency powers to curb their ability to legally strike to be a leading contender. Mike Lynch is charismatic and eats government reporters for breakfast, people are sympathetic to nurses and when the army inevitably gets pulled in, people will feel sorry for the squaddies and blame the suits, not the unions, for their woes.

Energy and cost of living crisis factors into that. Government continues to sit on its hands and do nothing. How many more businesses need to go under before the combination of those out of work and those in work but severely underpaid threaten to tilt into a crisis? How many families having to chose between heating and going bankrupt during what's projected to be an especially harsh winter?

EU negotiations are going suspiciously well...which means the Brexit gang are working themselves up to calling treason on Sunak. They're already putting Priti Patel forward to test the waters, but I think she's just to see how things look and not the real contender.


--- Quote from: Doktor Howl on December 11, 2022, 05:16:19 am ---From what I've seen so far, he's not a complete shitshow.

--- End quote ---

Only because he hides from critical press and doesn't go out of a way to make a prat out of himself. He was one of Johnson's top cabinet members. This is just Johnsonianism without Johnson. So real problems are getting ignored in favour of asset-stripping and cronyism, and nothing will be done about any real issue ever.

Most MPs have already given up. They know the next general election is going to be a slaughter, so they're stealing office supplies and putting in sick days.


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