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Picking Cain's Brains

Started by Cain, March 24, 2010, 10:01:25 AM

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Not a problem. I will admit a slight preference for such sources overall, myself. Unless you really want to delve into the tactical level stuff, which I find a bit unnecessary (though sometimes interesting), the more operational level and strategic stuff is usually more rewarding.

I will say that though I haven't followed it for the current conflict much, I've found the Jamestown Foundation quite helpful. They are a small c-conservative defence based think tank, but they're very much establishment DC types more than anything else. And between them and the Institute for the Study of War, I've been able to use their data and projections to come up with some pretty significant and correct predictions before.

Brother Mythos

The Institute for the Study of War (ISW) is on my long list. However, the Jamestown Foundation is not, but I will check it out. And, I agree with you, strategic situations are far more important than any day-to-day tactical situation.

Still, I do have a bias towards wanting to know what's happening on the tactical level/at the contact line/on the front lines. This is partly because, way back in the day, a friend and I unknowingly walked right into the middle of a very uncomfortable situation, because we had been given absolutely zero intel from our superiors. It was one of those once bitten, twice shy learning experiences.

Thanks again.
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