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Squid to visit NY in May

Started by Sir Squid Diddimus, March 27, 2010, 05:36:19 PM

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Sir Squid Diddimus

From the 16th-21st of May I'll be in NY.
Mostly in the Brooklyn, Manhattan, Flushing area.

If anyone wants to hit a museum, have a beer or nom on some chow, let me know.
I can travel anywhere the trains go.


That's right after the Steampunk World's Fair, but if I have the money I may be able to bus it down and back in a day.
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Sir Squid Diddimus

Iason Ouabache

 :argh!: When are you coming to Indy, spaglet???
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Sir Squid Diddimus

I probably need to some time since Mr Squid has a bunch of family there