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To make it harder to decipher. You decipher once and get a noncoherent message that is readable but makes no sense.

Okay, but it doesn't do that. You seem to be talking about a form of

But when you're making a simple cipher, rather than an encryption scheme based on factoring large primes or similarly mathematically complex systems, "bhijadrbo" and "rbxtiavrf" are identical. They look like "123456718", the individual letters don't matter, there are eight unique symbols and one is reused, that's the pattern you're cracking. So your decipherment scheme adds complexity for the intended recipient but doesn't add any for a cracker.

Super easy no legend needed...



--- Quote from: JBookup on March 08, 2014, 07:04:28 pm ---Super easy no legend needed...


--- End quote ---

Some kind of axial symmetry around the central character on the string,

831331247748569838838296247655247 Original
742556742692838838965847742133138 String reversed

111221505156331000133651505522111 differences between the two

Annnnd I'm out of time to look at that any further.

I like how I say its super easy and you go and do something complicated. But I'm actually loving the idea of that and will probably make something that works like that. But as of right now it is really simple.


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