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Hacks, Kludges & Other Such Tomfoolery

Started by Shibboleet The Annihilator, April 26, 2010, 02:12:45 PM

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I like the VFD headphone amplifier, I wonder if it could be used in a guitar effects pedal, to get a fuzzy vacuum tube sound?
It's not trolling, it's just satire.


Yeah, that would make an interesting preamp.

Triple Zero

Cool stuff, all of it. I am always in awe of these things, one day I'll play around with electronics, but I've always been a software guy ...
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We appear to be doomed by our DNA to repeat the same destructive behaviors our forebears have repeated for millenia. If anything our problem solving skills have actually diminished with the advent of technology & our ubiquitous modern conveniences. & yet despite our predisposition towards fear-driven hostility; towards what we anachronistically term primitive behavior another instinct is just as firmly encoded in our make-up. We are capable as our ancestors were of incredible breathtaking acts of kindness. Every hour of every day a man risks his life at a moments notice to save another. Forget for a moment the belligerent benevolent billionaires who grant the unfortunate a crumb of costfree cake. I speak of pure acts of selflessness. A Mother who rushes into the street to save a child from a speeding vehicle. A person who runs into a burning building to reach a family trapped on the upper story. Such actions,such moments,such unconscious selfless decisions,define what it is to be human

Shibboleet The Annihilator

Shibboleet The Annihilator

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Houston.  :lulz:

I have considered doing something similar, but I'd use an inverter. Estimated cost outlay $300.
As it is, the generator plus window unit combo would cost as much as getting the actual a/c system of the car fixed.
Unless he stole both.
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I'm here because I created my own encryption key and I was searching the internet for places that I might be able to post a sample for people to try and crack. I'm fairly certain that I came to the right place.





Is this guy for real or is he a bot that searches for the word HACK, also why would it tag the thread with a unique identifier unless it's to act as input for another system to come along and chew through later.

If you are a BOT mr Jbookup I bet I can find other places you do this.
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Lol that is hilarious. I knew this was a good place. I wish I did work for the nsa, then I'd have a job. Instead I'm unemployed and this is my first desperate attempt at making an encyrption that can't be cracked so I can sell it and have no worries. Please give it a shot. Also if you happen to know anyone good at these sort of things, which I'm sure you do, pass it along to them.