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It's not impossible to attack, but it's less likely and their FAQ does a good job of enumerating the risks and offering solutions.
I can remember random strings pretty well, so know most of my hashpasswords, so for me it's more a matter of using a totally unique password on every service.

How effective would something like this be?

Bhijadrbo = adverbial = rbxtiavrf = encrypted

What you're making there is a cryptogram which is a puzzle used alongside newspaper crosswords.

For either of those nonsense strings, a simple online cryptogram solver ( will generate the two words you chose along with the hundreds of other words that fit. With a larger sample, it would start to find words there which didn't allow for other words in the string to be created, rule those keys out and continue until it had the only viable key. Unless you have a way to preserve your intended word choice, your method would mask the intended message from your recipient, defeating the purpose.

They would have the legend and know exactly what it translates to without using a program.

If there's a legend, what is the purpose of the intermediate steps?


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