What the fuck is a homonym?  It's something that sounds gay.

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ITT: i take hints

Started by rong, May 14, 2010, 05:49:20 PM

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"a real smart feller, he felt smart"

Thurnez Isa

Through me the way to the city of woe, Through me the way to everlasting pain, Through me the way among the lost.
Justice moved my maker on high.
Divine power made me, Wisdom supreme, and Primal love.
Before me nothing was but things eternal, and eternal I endure.
Abandon all hope, you who enter here.


Doktor Howl

You didn't do anything, AFAIK.  No hints to take.
Molon Lube


"a real smart feller, he felt smart"


If you think you fucked up, apologize and carry on.  That works 19 times out of 20, here.

Shibboleet The Annihilator're not going to go out in that, are you?

laying it on thick: Really, that dress is not flattering.