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Carlos Casteneda.

Started by Z³, April 23, 2003, 07:05:54 AM

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I like those books.

I'm Re-reading the first one right now, but i'm lazy so I'll probably just go to sleep.

All in all, they're probably the most illuminating books I've read so far. (with the possible exception of The Godfather).

(this has been post FIVE FIVE FIVE, Thank you and good night)

Irreverend Hugh, KSC

Which books? That man wrote quite a few, but they all are, in a sense, the same book.
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Right now, I'm reading the first one (if you call keeping it in your backpack reading).

When I'm done, I'll try and "read" the eagles gift, or the second ring of power.

I have those, and I have the power of silence, and journey to ixtlan.

That is all the castaneda I have read.

Spoon E. Gee

yes putting a book in your backpack is reading.... so is putting a bookmark on page 5 and then leaving it sitting on your bookshelf for a year before you get back to it.....
I am in the middle of reading about 20 books right now....
sometimes I wanna rub the books all over my nekkid body and learn through osmosis....
damn my sig is still out of date....

Irreverend Hugh, KSC

That actually works. I have tried it many times. Although I smoke some tobacco first and then put the book up to my naked forehead.
"Time for the tin-foil hats, girls and boys!"

Spoon E. Gee

smoking something else first wouldnt make it easier?
damn my sig is still out of date....

Irreverend Hugh, KSC

No I would 'never' do that. *inhales* *crackly noises* Ah...much better.
"Time for the tin-foil hats, girls and boys!"

Irreverend Hugh, KSC

My favorite idea from Don Juan is about how seriously we take our own selves and our own lives because we have been taught to think that way. We believe that it's the right way to behave.
We get caught up in our own sense of self-importance while simultaneously trying to avoid others' attempts to convince us of their own self-importance. It's really a funny situation. When one gets down to it.
(I would love to live the life of Don Juan, but I know I function best when in community and intimacy. The loner thing doesn't appeal to me to much.)
"Time for the tin-foil hats, girls and boys!"


Self-importance leads to self-impotence.
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Yup, thats the thing I dislike most of the philosophy of Don Juan: Being alone and having no sex.

Otherwise I like many parts of his philosophy. Although more correctly it's not a philosophy: you have to LIVE IT.

Just my thought

Cthyga (being badly in need of some sleep)


QuoteThere seems to be absolutely no limit to the strangeness white people want to attribute to Indians. There's no limit on the number of nuts who  get rich masquerading as Indians, or Indian experts, or friends of the Indian, or whatever... No matter how absurd the story, and sometimes I think it's a case of "the more absurd the better," publishers and movie producers in America gobble it up for public consumption. And no matter  how many times you prove that what is being promoted as "truth" is  nothing more than a pack of lies, it just keeps going on. Today, we've got Carlos Castaneda, Chief Red Fox, Jamake Highwater, Ruth Beebe Hill and a whole bunch of others all becoming millionaires on the basis of  out-and-out lies. And we've shown over and over again that they're lying through their teeth ... It seems the only thing that white people in this country are interested in hearing is lies. Now, I don't know what you call that, but I call it insane. -Janet McCloud (American Indian activist)
Carlos Castaneda - a New Age Fraud & Plastic Shaman


I like (in parts) what castaneda writes. You want me to care wether it is TRUE or a LIE??
I couldn't care less. If it's a lie, it's a nice one, better than many thruths I know.



It's not for me to say what you should or shouldn't care about.
If you choose to remain ignorant on any particular subject that
is entirely up to you.


Why ignorant?

I know it's a lie. I like it. It's a nice lie.
quite complex and philosophical.
If castaneda invented it or if don juan REALLY exists doesn't matter to me.
Also it's not important if its an (supposedly) lie about indians or if this philosophy would be ascribed to the escimos, mongols or fnords.
I also like other books, which happen to be not 100% TRUE(you know the one and only thruth..)
It's called Fiction. :)



P.S.: Sorry couldn't resist:

>Now, I don't know what you call that, but I call it insane. -Janet McCloud (American Indian activist)

Yup, or ODD *grin*