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Carlos Casteneda.

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I like those books.

I'm Re-reading the first one right now, but i'm lazy so I'll probably just go to sleep.

All in all, they're probably the most illuminating books I've read so far. (with the possible exception of The Godfather).

(this has been post FIVE FIVE FIVE, Thank you and good night)

Irreverend Hugh, KSC:
Which books? That man wrote quite a few, but they all are, in a sense, the same book.

Must I remind you people of L-Space :?:  :!:  :?:  :!:  :?:


~Librarian Trollax~

Right now, I'm reading the first one (if you call keeping it in your backpack reading).

When I'm done, I'll try and "read" the eagles gift, or the second ring of power.

I have those, and I have the power of silence, and journey to ixtlan.

That is all the castaneda I have read.

Spoon E. Gee:
yes putting a book in your backpack is reading.... so is putting a bookmark on page 5 and then leaving it sitting on your bookshelf for a year before you get back to it.....
I am in the middle of reading about 20 books right now....
sometimes I wanna rub the books all over my nekkid body and learn through osmosis....


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