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Fear, Loathing, and Horror.

Started by Doktor Howl, August 13, 2010, 06:44:54 PM

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Q. G. Pennyworth

forgot to post this when I finished it

Q. G. Pennyworth

ein Gefrorener Würfel

I like both. Nicely put into words and shape. Like those "deep" motivational quotes, but actually thought-provoking and relatable.
I know people who have seen shit (Military, Medical, "This was where I got my first PTSD") and can work in bad situations, have fetishes, BDSM, like Horror/Fear... and I saw them in normal situations where those people suddenly froze.
Being around dead people, fine. Hit by whips, fine. Abandoned in a pitch black space without an exit, fine. But eating a doughnut with a mushy consistency? Smelling burned ham? Getting cream in your skin? Hearing a certain ring tone?
Utterly unable to do anything.