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Cardinal Pizza Deliverance.:
Will all the contributors get a little credit? :P Will there be a warning label on the front of the book? "Do not try at home without fire extinguisher?" :P

Nurse Enabler:

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--- Quote from: Charley Brown on August 31, 2010, 05:07:35 am ---Freeky and I will be compiling your recipes in a cookbook, the profits (if any) will go to support the monthly costs of PD. Any recipe entered will be considered as approved for publication with credits issued/

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Yep. :)

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Hi freeky! I will have to look at my recipes to send you soon.

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:wave:  I look forward to them!

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This one is Sandra's Mandarin Orange Jello Recipe.
You need:2-packets of sugar free orange jello
              24 OZ. canned mandarin oranges, drained and save the juice
              3/4 cup boiling water
               8OZ. frozen cool whip, chopped

 steps:1.disolve 2-packets jello in 2 cups boiling water.
          2.add mandarin orange juice.
          3.stir in chopped frozen cool whip, put in fridge for 1/2 hour.
          4.stir in mandarin oranges and put back in fridge.
          5. serve when set.

Perhaps tomorrow another one. Till then have a smiley day.

 Chile Rellenos Burritos

4 roasted, peeled and seeded poblano or Anaheim chiles
(fresh chiles are best, but you can use canned)
4 fairly thick slices of pepper jack or mexican cheese.
1/2 cup flour
3-4 eggs separated (# of eggs depends on their size)
olive or canola oil
salt and pepper to taste

1 box rice-a-roni spanish rice or homemade mexican rice (see recipe below)

1 can refried beans

4 large flour tortillas

Prepare batter
whip egg whites until stiff. Slowly fold in yolks and a pinch of salt.

Cook chiles
Slit open each chile and insert one slice of cheese. Make sure you leave enough room that the edges of the chile will still close. One at a time, roll the chiles in flour, dip them into the batter and then into the hot oil. Cook until batter is a crisp golden brown. Remove chiles from the oil and drain on paper towels.

Prepare burritos
Spoon a layer of refried beans onto each tortilla, top with one of the stuffed chiles, cover with a layer of the rice, fold into burrito shape, heat in 350 degree oven for ten minutes. Serve with salsa, guacamole, sour cream, etc. 

Mexican Rice

You will need:
1 cup long grained Rice
3 tablespoons Oil
1/2 Onion, diced small
1 1/2 teaspoon Salt
1/4 teaspoon Chili Powder
2 1/4 cups Water or canned Chicken Broth

Saute the onion and rice together in oil until the rice is dark golden brown and you can see through the onions. You'll need to stand there and stir this pretty much constantly. Add water or chicken broth, chili powder, and salt. If you love cumin, add some of that, too. Reduce heat, put a lid on it, and wait until the rice is fluffy and and ready to eat - approx 10-15 mins.

Triple Zero:
000's Pasta Carbonara

I believe this is not the traditional Carbonara, which among other things doesn't use cream or milk. But it's the way I like to eat it, and the cream/milk helps so the egg doesn't solidify into curdley bits as quickly.

The recipe may seem long, but it's extremely simple, I'm just describing all the little technique bits that I found make a "theoretically carbonara" into an "awesome carbonara".

What you need:

- diced bacon
- one big onion, finely diced
- cream or whole milk
- 1 or 2 eggs
- black pepper
- cheese. I use a cheap aged Gouda, but use whatever melty cheese you like, that is not crappy.
- pasta, traditionally spaghetti is used, but I prefer the helix shaped pasta which combines the large surface area to make sauce stick with ease of eating.
- (optional) a bit of homemade (chicken) stock, if it's not homemade don't bother with powder or cubes, I was aiming for the added smoothness of rendered collagen and gelatin here. Had it in the fridge anyway.
- (optional) sambal ulek  (red chilli paste)
- (optional) garlic, chopped or crushed. A friend of mine told me that traditional Italian dishes use either onion or garlic, but not both. I guess it's up to you. You can also use just garlic and no onion, although that would make the meal rather low on vegetables.
- (optional) a teaspoon of leftover bacon grease, if you happen to have it

How to prepare:

I prefer to use a sauteuse, a frying pan with high, sloping sides that are slightly curved. I sort of timed the recipe so things are ready to be added at the right time.

Fill your electric waterboiler with water.

Start with frying the bacon on medium/high fire, if it's not very much bacon or not very fat, add the optional leftover bacon grease.

Put pasta in a pan, add salt (you can use quite a lot).

Now chop the onions and the optional garlic.

Turn on the waterboiler. Continue with the recipe, but when it boils later on, turn the fire under the pasta pan up high and add the water. Stir a littlebit. Cover with lid but leave a small gap open. Turn the fire lowest. Set a timer for 8 minutes.

Whisk the eggs with the cream/milk and black pepper in a small bowl until it's smooth. Set aside.

Add the onions to the pan on a medium/low fire. This is also when you add the optional sambal. Optional garlic goes in a littlebit later as it might burn.

Cube or grate or chop the cheese and set it aside.

If the onions start to look a littlebit dry, that is when you add a few tablespoons of stock, or if you don't have it, pasta water. Just a few spoons though, most of it should evaporate.

When the timer has 3 minutes left, add the cheese and stir until everything is melted.

Add a few spoons of hot pasta water to the egg-mixture and stir. This is called "tempering", makes the egg-mixture a bit warmer but not enough to coagulate.

When the timer goes off, the pasta should be nearly done. Throw the water down the drain and put the pasta in the frying pan.

Now comes the crucial part. Turn up the fire high and stir a bit. Turn the fire all the way down low, and add the egg mixture. Stir. Turn the fire off completely and keep stirring. The important part is that the egg will coagulate, but you cannot allow it to become curdled, the sauce should remain smooth. Keep stirring. If the mixture stays too liquid, turn on the fire again to low (not high!) and keep stirring. When it becomes creamier, turn the fire off again, and keep stirring. Keep stirring and adding the occasional heat until the sauce is nice and smooth and thick and creamy.

Serve immediately.

Take half a dozen nice big bananas, and peel them.
put each one on enough foil to make a pocket.
sprinkle 1 desert spoonful of demerara sugar on each banana.
Add a little cinnamon to each.
Then add 2 tablespoons of brandy to each banana, loosely seal the foil pockets,
whack them in the oven for 20-25 minutes, at 200c.
and serve with double cream.

Repeat as necessary.


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