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Alan Grayson, save our schools!!

Started by Sir Squid Diddimus, September 29, 2010, 04:23:47 AM

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Sir Squid Diddimus

So we all know Alan Grayson, FL's congressman.
Well he's been playing these horrible commercials lately to get us to vote for him again and somehow he's managed to make himself creepier and more ogre-ish than ever before.
I don't have a video, but he's got a commercial with himself and a bunch of kids on a playground and well.. you can't look at the guy and not think Pogo the clown. Or Pogo the Shrek.
The kids all chant "Alan Grayson save our schools!" and crowd around him like the kids in Come to daddy to that beast thing...

So I challenge you, PD, to a "Make Alan Grayson so fucking creepy even I wouldn't vote for him" slammatious WOMP-a-thon.

I'll start---

Ha ha, ope.. got your foot. Oh I'm just playin with ya little Johnny.

Do you know who the fuck I am?

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand GO!

PS- yes I'm still voting for him


Sovereign Episkopos-Princess Kaousuu; Esq., Battle Nun, Bene Gesserit.
Our Lady of Perpetual Confusion; 1st Church of Discordia

"Add a dab of lavender to milk, leave town with an orange, and pretend you're laughing at it."


I read this as "Alan Grayson, save our souls".

I'm guessing that wasn't un-intentional on his part.
- So the New World Order does not actually exist?
- Oh it exists, and how!
Ask the slaves whose labour built the White House;
Ask the slaves of today tied down to sweatshops and brothels to escape hunger;
Ask most women, second class citizens, in a pervasive rape culture;
Ask the non-human creatures who inhabit the planet:
whales, bears, frogs, tuna, bees, slaughtered farm animals;
Ask the natives of the Americas and Australia on whose land
you live today, on whose graves your factories, farms and neighbourhoods stand;
ask any of them this, ask them if the New World Order is true;
they'll tell you plainly: the New World Order... is you!