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Started by Nephew Twiddleton, November 06, 2010, 11:07:23 AM

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Nephew Twiddleton

Ok, here's a list I was able to compile using wikipedia and the news. It's shorter than I expected but that's mainly because I was limiting it to US Congress Tea Party backed victors, as well as State Governors (adding State Congresspeople would have increased the list). Some votes look like their still being counted. If anyone wishes to add anyone I missed or include more incoming politicians, feel free to add.  So I think the next step here is to decide whether we want to create some sort of stock letter that uses minor alterations per politician elect, or whether we decide to write a unique one for each. I think that the mailing of the letters should be close to the beginning of their terms (January)


Mike Lee, US Senator elect for Utah
Rand Paul, US Senator elect for Kentucky
Kristi Noem, US Representative elect, South Dakota
Tim Scott, US Representative elect, South Carolina
Nikki Haley, Governor elect, South Carolina
Paul LePage, Governor elect, Maine
Jeff Landry, US Representative elect, Louisiana
Strange and Terrible Organ Laminator of Yesterday's Heavy Scene
Sentence or sentence fragment pending

Soy El Vaquero Peludo de Oro


the last yatto

Womp of all them together using the tea table from wonderland?
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Quote from: Pēleus on November 22, 2010, 12:50:27 AM
Womp of all them together using the tea table from wonderland?
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