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The Good Reverend Roger:
Maybe it's just me, but we seem to have a lot of shadowy organizations running around with acronyms for names.  ICS, NSA, CIA, BATF, TSA, DHS, SS, NKVD, KGB...Okay, those last three aren't ours, but I can't really tell the difference anymore.

And, like all populations everywhere, we're going to put up with it, because we've forgotten how to do anything else.  We're like that frog in a pot, right?  Drop the frog in hot water, and it will jump back out, but put it in warm water and heat it, and the little bastard will poach like an egg.

It all crept up on us slowly, and the bastards have made sure to leave us just enough to make us think we have something to lose by pitching a complete wobbler like Patrick Henry would have done. 

Just leave us our shanties with the 30 year mortgage and our ipods and our laptops and our plasma screens, and we'll pretend that everything is okay, and that the jackboots on the stairs are okay, because they came for the neighbor (this time), but he was tied up in that Wikileaks thing, and we have to Think of The Troops (Or The Children or The 911 Victims or whatever other strings we have that are worth pulling.).

We'll go through any indignity if it means making our flight, we'll mumble when they indefinitely detain people without charges (or even keep them there after an acquital), but we won't actually DO anything about it...because in the backs of our minds we know that the jackboots could be for US next time, and when they scoop us up for a nice trip to some Eurasian country for a little chat involving a blow torch and pliers, our families will wind up under a bridge.

So here we are, running in place, while everything goes to hell in a chain-link enclosure.

Welcome to The New Freedomâ„¢, Citizens.  It's everything you demanded.

And be damned to you all.

Or Kill Me.



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The Good Reverend Roger:

--- Quote from: E.O.T. on November 29, 2010, 06:25:44 pm ---

          posted this to my facebook.

--- End quote ---

Make sure it's attributed, E.O.T.

I wouldn't want the wrong person being hauled off in a sack at 2AM.


Cardinal Pizza Deliverance.:
Remember, remember
The Good Rev'rend Roger,
His speeches, bile, and rot.
I know of no reason
Why The Good Rev'rend
Should ever be forget . . .

But if you mention him out loud
Big Brother will make you regret
Ever having made a sound.


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