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Started by gnimbley, August 24, 2004, 02:52:45 AM

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I was just gone for a little while.

When I came back I saw Thwack's real name and address up
on the computer.

And there was an envelope missing.

And fluffy was last seen hopping to the post office.

With change.



Rev Thwack

Fluffy, I hope I am not going to have to come after you to demonstrate just what pain can be. Trust me, I've spent plenty of time finding out, and I don't mind helping someone else learn.

Of course, that means there are a few people that now have proof that I'm in the military. Guess I'm never going to be able to live that down now, huh?
My balls itch...


thwack, meet the children. children, meet breakfast

yay! woo hoo! way to go mom! food! heh heh!

Rev Thwack

remember, you are dealing with the ultimate omnivore.... you had that last one backwards. It shoiuld read....

children, meet Thwack. Thwack, meet breakfast.

I c00k j00!
My balls itch...


*pulls out ninja gas bombs*

come here time to play fog tag...

Rev Thwack

don't gas em..... might poison the meat.
My balls itch...



Quote from: Rev Thwacknot yet... havn't had the time to get it changed. Of course, you are missing part of it.... once I do get it changed it's going to be Thwack The Dogcatcher.... and I do have that nice little title of Rev. heh..... I love my new name.

Question? Does it say "Discordian" under religion on your dog tags?

Rev Thwack

naa.... they didn't have it listed. I'm going to get a set made off base, and also probably get a set that say amish.
My balls itch...


Quote from: Rev Thwacknaa.... they didn't have it listed. I'm going to get a set made off base, and also probably get a set that say amish.

then don't forget to requisition a musket and a saber in accordance with your religion  :lol:


Ooooh! A big envelope from the 'states arrived today. Guess the contents ^^

These little books will keep me occupied for a while in the cold, dark winter of Sweden. Thank you, mister Gnome.
Rightfully claiming the title Emperor of Scandinavia since 2003

Demon Seed #three

are there any books left? I'm stuck in the desert, i think i might be here a while :evil:
"like glue on an envelope, if you lick your wounds too long, you are slowly poisioned." The duchess Demonica

"somewhere between Hollywood and its pretty happiness and an anguish so infinite it's anybody's guess is a place where people are all teachers and this just one long class and that ass will get you nowhere tonight
there's a dusty old dust storm on mars they say
so tonight you can't see it too clear, still i stood in line to look through their telescope looked like a distant ship light as seen from a foggy pier, and i know that i was warned still it was not what i hoped, yeah i know that i was warned
still it was not what i hoped
i think i'm done gunnin to get closer to some imagined bliss i gotta knuckle down just be ok with this 'course that star struck girl is already someone i miss"


Got my books today! Nothing I ever heard of = great stuff. I'll probably be reading them sometime next year (high spead college = no time!)
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A: A blue fish Tuesday!
Q: No really, it this, like, deeply philosphical, or just a huge joke?
A: Yes.


Books. Books. Books. Books. And More Books.

Still Available.

All It Takes is an PM with a Mailing Address to ME!

Or you could send it to fluffy, but then you would get
an entire box of rabbit reading redux.

Next shipments goes out later this week.

Hurry now. Supplies will not last forever.