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Earthdawn: Dreams of Steam
« on: January 02, 2011, 11:35:56 pm »
I'm going to use this thread for notes and feed back on my "GearPunk/SteamPunk" conversion of the base Earthdawn setting.
You ever play Iron Kingdoms? War Machine? The old 'Arcanum' computer rpg? Yeah, that's what I'm going for.

First up, a 7th Circle (lvl) Nethermancy Spell!

Nergul's Vengful Limb
Nethermancy (Circle 7)
Threads: 3
Weaving: 12 / 20 Casting: TSD
Range: 4 yards (2 hexes) Duration: Rank rounds
Effect: WIL + 8/Physical

The fate of the elf Nethermancer Nergul is widely recorded. Having bound what he perceived to be a 'lesser' horror to his will, he began to extract the being's knowledge of spellcasting and Nethermancy. Through a series of Tests of Wills that lasted through days (and a lunar eclipse), Nergul learned dark secrets from the utter depravity of a life-hungry mind born from the dust of the void. What Nergul didn't expect was what was waiting for him after the lunar eclipse. This remains unrecorded, although some whisper about Chantrel's Horror, or even Buualgathor - the Horror Hunter. All that is known is that Nergul attracted SOMETHING's attention with all the high-mana wards and precautions.

He was found near his Bone Circle, his limbs had been removed as if from a clay figurine, skin smoothed over the remains of shoulder and hip joints. His limbs were found in disarray nearby, each having been charred by magic with rings and boot buckles melted to slag. The Chantry's Wizard pronounced cause of death from self strangulation, and multiple broken ribs and blows to the abdomen. He noted in his report that even the bruises around Nergul's neck matched his own dominant hand and set of enchanted rings.

Nergul's laboratory was then filled with a new mixture of lime, pumice, volcanic ash, and water that our Dwarven brethren have been developing and sealed with orichalcum wards out to the intersection of the nearest hallway. What is not in the official history is the Spell that was found burned into the cover of Nergul's grimoire. No one knows how other copies began to circulate, but the spell is now illegal in Throal and all aligned territories.

This spell requires moonlight to cast. After weaving the threads, the caster 'plucks' a beam of moonlight out of the air, which becomes a thin blade used to separate the target from one of his limbs. See the Damage to a Limb table for the scale of effects to use.

The 'Rebel Limb' now has a malevolent will of it's own, glowing with green and black fire. It will attack it's former owner for the duration of the spell, causing Wil+8 damage per round. If the former owner of the spell dies during the duration, the limb(s) will incinerate themselves, leaving a sulfurous stain that is nearly impossible to remove.

If the target survives the casting(s), he regains control of his limb(s) but it remains detached (and healthy) until the character can spend a Recovery test while pressing the limb against the severed joint to reattach it.
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