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Started by Fujikoma, December 26, 2010, 01:01:58 AM

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Before checking this game out, keep in mind that it isn't safe for work, it isn't safe for your kids, and if you use some program to read the text aloud, it probably isn't safe much of anywhere.

Has anyone here played the deliciously evil text based RPG known as "Hellmoo"?... I apologize if this has been brought up before, I did a search for it in the forums, didn't find it, but perhaps like many other forums I've been to the search function may be busted.

The game is set in a post-nuclear war environment where just about anything you can think of is possible (except, for some reason, nobody poops). Large corporations blah blah blah just play the fuckin' game man! A little light on social commands compared to a lot of the MUDs I've played, however, an emote command allows you to experiment with your own ideas for forms of anti-social interaction. Unlike many games I've played, griefing is actually encouraged by the way the game is set up, everything being almost total anarchy where only the strong, socially adept and/or skillful survive, though it's not so bad, because in the event of your untimely demise you'll just wake up in a clone tube, minus your stuff, which you will soon find on sale in one of the many corp stores found in the galleria.

The syntax isn't quite as bad as a number of text based games, however, you WILL experience a number of "get ye flask" moments, an "examine" command often offers possible interactions with items and features, and recomendations for possible syntax corrections will occasionally appear to help ye actually GET ye flask.

At first it will seem like you're just playing with a bunch of jackasses who like nothing more than to cause misery, but that seems to be more of a roleplaying aspect, I don't know, it's just the traditional way to play the game so that's how people seem to do it, but most of them seem rather ok once you help them out with stuff... Don't be surprised if you find yourself the victim of a string of horrible incidents if you say something stupid, or anything at all, really, over the chat channel, it's like a hazing ritual of some kind, I think, though it might not be because that danger seems ever present.

While there are a few laws in Freedom City (along with a prison system), and there is security in various game areas, one is free to break the law and run like heck, or fight one's way through leaving a trail of robot bits (though, even the strongest players seem to just run) to the edge of town, the game, as I said, is pretty much anarchy, just don't piss off the admins (easier said than done for some, it seems).

RP is not strictly enforced, however, if you pee on someone or do some other horrible act, expect them to react appropriately, possibly bludgeoning your face in, cutting off your head, and putting it in their fridge. There exist a number of in-game references to Neuromancer and Snow Crash, as well as a lot of other stuff (for example, Bob Dobbs and Ivan Stang appear in freedom city) I'm probably not qualified to identify. The combat system reminds me slightly of Mabinogi, though MUCH more fun than that boring slog-fest. A number of mutations provide character individuality even though one is not restricted to a particular skillset through any class system (though it is advised to focus on a few essential skills at first before broadening out).

The real trouble is finding out how to build an effective character with so many options. Stats may only be raised to certain levels, due to a restricted amount of gym ability points, which affects one's overall skill level when factored in with raws. If you don't want to do a buttload of reading, then later feeling kind of dumb for having built a character who turned out too poorly equipped to be good at anything (but that's most of the fun, for me), I'd suggest tagging the skills clubs and medic, possibly wrestle, and whatever third slot you feel is appropriate, then using your starting gym IP to train brawn and reflexes to 14, and endurance to 10. Grind that repair skill up to one raw on some electronics item you keep knocking the stuffing out of (though this is quite frustrating, may consider tagging repair), and you should be good for a little while. Use your daily gym IP on the speed bag for reflexes, and save all XP you can to get players to train up your dodge skill, grinding the other skills through use. Keep in mind, I'm an ignorant buffoon, and only recently started reading guides on how to appropriately build a character, so...

Anyway, the place to find it is:
Port# 7777

Don't take your precious text items too seriously and you should have fun. has a wiki for the game that has already consumed an unacceptable amount of my time. I'd say I hope to see you there, but I'm not telling you who my character is.

Good luck.


On second thought, having read some more posts, this game may seriously offend some people here... If you have ANY sacred cows (or chao-s) or are easily offended by any particular thing at all, this game will likely cause you severe distress... use with caution.