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Rebooted Time, part 3: The Military Dimension

Started by Doktor Howl, October 10, 2011, 05:04:33 PM

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6:35 pSt-
yep? its almost reboot time, time for me to PRepair,
i see the maid for prime time tv, doc U meant R me ?/?
has turned to Naval ships for photo ops of D'ploy`N Y
= =
Yeah, i see; but i disagree, my guess is the BLUFF TainT
My guess is its a Miss Direction, drawing the Camera focus

: : :
Away from the ReeL action (in the Yellow sea} which will probably
REMain UNder a cloud & not even observable fro ISs. (oh My} so
i guess the motion of the debree flow (post 3/11) will REMain ..
? ? ? ?
UNcharted. thus your guess as to the reel deployments
(in the Yellow Sea? wiLL rEMain obscure from even the
most advanced spy CAM AVailable to HUmmaN B's 2012
that the situation THERE (I'LL try to find a link Later 6:46

Rev 7:07.007
% inch on
for i = i:ii
% % % %%% not sure how to frame this in R

?  :fnord: 1 CIMI | YEAH I GUESS ITS BEST (2012}? to do double Entry
thus i'LL try to follow the change in the color YELLOW
of the Yellow sea? From what i've seen so far?/? it MAY have something
to do with Sand?silt?/? blowing (washing down river} twards the East.
My thoghts however turn not to the Sands, but to the wood (Mostly from OR
now deposited "in water"? As Shirley U do not REMember When I did RUN
my political campaign (on the computer) against the TWO powerfull US
senators (from the state of Oregone} 1996 i think | they both Rsigned
Check your Flunk & WagALL'$, Yes i opposed OR gov sending LOG to Nip
for Water Deposit$ Boo.& as is the case with Repocrats they Resign
rather than take to the Stump. its their way. Just as the Demo in
public KANS simply appoint two of themselves onto the pay line IF
i CONtest their Maid$$$ for Prime time Nightly Nighties: Boo, Boo:



Thursday 05 Java Run Time ?/? reboot very soon
A red-and-yellow flag has been ... Iraq 2012-01-04; ...
irates/uae-be  :fnord:
Fri 6 Shirley i need Mention the goddess of war

Triple Zero

Quote"These soldiers are fighting for YOUR freedom."

And then there's also the thing where you defined FREEDOM(tm) [in other threads], so even if they did that (which they don't), what are they fighting for?
Ex-Soviet Bloc Sexual Attack Swede of Tomorrow™
e-prime disclaimer: let it seem fairly unclear I understand the apparent subjectivity of the above statements. maybe.


The Good Reverend Roger

Quote from: Triple Zero on January 05, 2012, 11:43:16 PM
Quote"These soldiers are fighting for YOUR freedom."

And then there's also the thing where you defined FREEDOM(tm) [in other threads], so even if they did that (which they don't), what are they fighting for?

The bottom line of various corporations.
" It's just that Depeche Mode were a bunch of optimistic loveburgers."
- TGRR, shaming himself forever, 7/8/2017

"Billy, when I say that ethics is our number one priority and safety is also our number one priority, you should take that to mean exactly what I said. Also quality. That's our number one priority as well. Don't look at me that way, you're in the corporate world now and this is how it works."
- TGRR, raising the bar at work.


1:23 p 9 g reboot.ed | obviously slow on the switch soRRy
List of FF exceptions,,,,,,

Going forward this will mostly for me, be about Quakes & volcanoes
/ exception WAR IS war not much i can do about it


7 EB Mayan  :fnord:
9 IX :fnord: 1 T :fnord:  K :fnord::fnord: Ph :fnord: N :fnord: ps :fnord:
10 MEN
11 CIB 9:39AM
12 CABAN MilliMeters per millisecond & ic = 1/#of.gulls
13 ETZNAB {knife) Mayan A  :fnord:


Lime 1 CAUAC {storm
2 AHAU I did not hear from Fairhaven Mayan sync not firm
:fnord:3 IMIX
5  AKBAL (d,T's} Hi &{?)
6 KAN 10am unscheduled reboot


G THUS: it my opinion today: that the probability of
a time alterartion virus floating{Moving) about in is hi.So i will try several timed entries to investigate MySelf 3:47:00 = 3:46:56
3:49=3:48:55 3:51= 3:50:56  | 4:51 ~ 4:50:58, 4:53 ~ 04:52:58, 4:56= 
5 sec V not found?/?
TBD/ brOWN WED/ 13CABAN ? 2:
00 a.m. Clinton: American Experience ?BBC World News?2:30 a.m.Journal
Teal Tue /
20120221 3:25AM psT the 2.5 reboot fixed /or concurrent2 \ LiNKs OK ?
20120130 11:55 AM psT
rebooT complete to Net
6 Oc MID MONTH REBOOT? -eX +ck? = x2
After the 3rd reload of the FF its discovered that the logoff had A ff cause
8 EB 9 BEN 11 MEN


7 CHICCHAN {serpent reboot 3.1 3.5hr 90%?
6 AKBAL {darkness a top down day v Sequence wise
-5 IK {wind
4 IMIX BEGIN new 20 day count?
the question of the change in TIME interest me enough to
?COLOR |----- My?----| |----NAVY----| & |----THIS----|
_LIME_  03:32:53 AM   03:32:53 AM      03:32:53 AM
MAROON   3:50:10       3:50:00    3:50:00 at 03:50:02 AM
         4:32:02       4:32:00    4:31:58 at 04:31:50 AM
         4:44:00       4:44:06    4:43:50 at 04:43:50 AM
         7:12:00       7:12:15    7:11:50 at 07:11:49 AM
7:20:02  7:20:00       7:20:10    7:19:50 at 07:19:47 AM
7:25:02  7:25:00       7:25:00    7:24:47 at 07:24:49 AM
7:30:02  7:30:00       7:30:10    7:29:49 at 07:29:50 AM
8:11:02  8:11:00       8:11:15    8:11:50

?5-5:30 WIFI ANTENNA DISCONECTED = no time changes
5:30 45 wifi connection established to p.telco server
7-8     WIFI/FF/SERVER/PD&RB3&usno


20150222 ad 2823 A 0k
20140413 ad 2254 /old mouse
20140214 ad 2158 ad 2200 reboot 2morrow 3/15 ?^
20140126 ad 2124 ad 2138 02/05 2nd: ?pig
20131013 <2HR  ^ 20day int | not 30. ^
?/? 7 8 &9
4July EZ1 F/X/B/C/ . etc
20130527x2 4June LL -R+Priv cmos7 Fd50.50
20130429 4May -rest-his /
20130325 Reboot4April
March.rbt /-restore /
20130127 Feb .re ?/?
20121231 Reboo /2013 + loss of nave line navi & other ?'s
20121130 reb1DEC in place on time {yip yip take a dip
20121101 Nov#1|/ {nov end it a cra$$$h as a RESULT OF MESSENGER
20121004 {FF4 {{ lot of hack {{{ thru Adobe }did not Load
20120924 {FF=4-15 clipboard view? + ?//?
20120915 {to REMove flash & some other stuff2 ./ff15.1
20120909 no problems:
20120711 -C =1 drive
Monday another round of LL reboot , & still / ? PROBLEM ? UNsure: 2
ReBoo  20120617 LL virus? .5d
ReBoo  20120603
REBOOT 20120531 2:??:??.000 PM BBC BS 1/2 hr Joke
REBOOT 20120510 thur 5:43pm pdT / SCANDISK.ver
REBOOT 20120421 Sat XP_4Hr | install config 2Hr | Con?

20120329 reboot ? format d: from c in dos mode debug to set serial to date  | install XP from CD | configure for AZUL / SMALL icon / list view
install Adobe reader from C: | install Belkins wireless wifi adapter? |
adjust to Ms view? /  TNM homeP | install firefox 4.0
{maybe 19:07

1 Caban 0 Pop 2nd rePoot for 2nd 1/4 in place
i have no idea when the next one is to be eXpected
the politiCaALL's R active is my guess = many more WEb inT's 2:

#5 on: at 10:59:43 AM +17s
#6 on: at 03:46:25 PM +4h46m25s Say 5 ? is close ?/?

CAUAC another ReBoOoT Xp 2.5hr & pfd & FF & Gc etc
the reason was i lost connection to My web cam | donno when XactLy

4/7 unwanted FF upgrade from 4 to 11 = new d'Lays