Author Topic: On becoming bi-pedal.  (Read 1128 times)


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On becoming bi-pedal.
« on: June 02, 2011, 12:16:20 am »
Under a blood red sickle moon, we rise.
From the bones and ashes of the past, is struck a spark,
from which is born this new flame of soulfire, that will burn anew,
against the darkness.

Like yeast, we rise
to smash asunder all those things
that seek to bind us, and enslave our hearts.

Remembering that our Fathers were once Men,
we get up, from our knees,
cast off the chains of the Adversary, stand tall,
and proud, among the ruins of our sleeping brothers,
declare ourselves as Men, reborn.

Seared across our newly beating hearts,
the Holy words that woke us from our slumber.
"I will not serve".

And with this joyful cry upon our lips,
we smash the enemy down, like weeds.
We are the Men of righteous wrath,
who know what our lives are truly worth.

We take back the Flaming Sword
from the hands of him, who bars the gates of Eden,
and once again are free to walk in fair Arcadia.

Not this time,
as favoured children of some jealous God,
but as Self Born Men,
The equal of all we meet.

Only now we can stand before our creator,
and not grovel on our knees,
ashamed and afraid, the sweet taste of
stolen knowledge fresh upon our lips.

Long ago, we shat the pips of that fair fruit,
and left it's seeds to grow where they fell,
to show the World where we have been.

And from these seeds,  both good and ill,
sprang mighty trees, that sing our deeds,
for all to hear, and hold us to.

The song of all our evil done,
sings out as loud as any act of good.
There is no deed that needs to be denied.

Our state of Grace permits no secret shame,
As it strikes the scales from our eyes.
It washes the shit from our ears, so we can hear
the echoes of the Great Song,
to the beat of which, we discover
we have been dancing all along.

ETA, Wrote this a long time ago, and just found it again. Had meant to post it in TCC, under an alt.
But bad as it is, they don't deserve it. So I'm inflicting it on you lot instead.

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Re: On becoming bi-pedal.
« Reply #1 on: June 19, 2011, 06:15:29 am »
More epic than I usually gravitate towards, but I do like it.
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