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20110316 440-880 A-G

20110313 .
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20110316 11:46AM pdT - 2PM pdT
recently i recieved a "Sky" INformation bulletin I have UISHE
= = tic Tic tic? 1000 Ms/S {1K Hz
: : :
needLess to say i'z delighted, even if at the moment i'z Lost my
way forward: 12:49 PM "listening?/? to Kboo, So maybe its back to
Music Blues, bebop, ballids, on the Piano ? ... Trend
? ? ? ?
TwixT B5 987.77 34.9 /12.23//1000 34.5/46.5// & C6 1046.50 33cm
thus 1.23 %sharp "B" / 4.3¢?

=========== Kboo 12-2PM 3/16
1jeremy pelt pandora's box the talented mr. pelt high note 2011
2bobby matos maramoor mambo beautiful as the moon lifeforce 2011
3robert hurst optimism bob ya hear bebob music 2010
4geoffrey keezer/peter sprague en babia mill creek road SBE records 2011
5Babatunde Lea cousin mary umbo weti motema 2008
6billy cobham crosswinds crosswinds atlantic 1974
7oliver nelson alto itis screamin' the blues prestige 1960
8avishai cohen short story unity IVB 2001
9eric alexander the phineas trane the first milestone milestone 2000
10maynard ferguson slide's derangement a message from newport roulette
11floyd mcdaniel & the blues swingers I want a little girl delmark records 45 yrs. of jazz and blues delmark
12paul bollenback cat's eye double gemini challenge records 1997
13bruce barth april in paris morning call enja 1995
14john coltrane impressions live in paris vol. 2 affinity
15sonny stitt sonny's book soul people prestige
16kenny garrett for openers introducing kenny garrett criss cross jazz 1985

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Likewise, if you know a note a and the number n of cents in the interval from a to b, then b may be calculated by:
Li12:40:14 PM
To compare different tuning systems, convert the various interval sizes into cents. For example, in just intonation the major third is represented by the frequency ratio 5:4. Applying the formula at the top shows this to be about 386 cents. The equivalent interval on the equal-tempered piano would be 400 cents. The difference, 14 cents, is about a seventh of a half step, easily audible. The just noticeable difference for this unit is about 6 ¢

Prince Glittersnatch III:
Someday I will understand this.

President Television:
Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?


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